Industrial Plants

ClientScope of WorkYear
ÇÄ°MSA CEMENT A.Åž. Manufacturing of technological equipment (bunkers, electrofilters, cooling tower, stack, fans) - EskiÅŸehir Cement Factory Extension 2007
BÄ°TEKS Ä°PLÄ°K SAN. VE TÄ°C. A.Åž. 15,000 m2 factory building, 7,000 m2 storage warehouse for textile and yarn, Osmaniye. 2007
ÇIMSA A.Åž. Civil works, roof and wall cladding for 70,000 ton clinker storage hall, Kayseri. 2006
ANADOLU CAM A.Åž. Design and manufacturing of new loading ramp, concrete retaining walls and pavements. Mersin. 2005
CAMÄ°Åž ELEKTRÄ°K A.Åž. Construction of the Main Control Building, 125 MW Cogeneration Plant, Mersin. 2005
SODA SANAYÄ°Ä° A.Åž. Construction of the pile foundation and concrete works of the Refined Bicarbonate Unit, Mersin. 2005
ATAÅž REFINERY Repair Works of Pier Mersin. Repair works of ATAÅž pier at Mersin Port. Repair of deteriorated sections of the pier. Replacement of precast concrete elements. Application of protective surface coatings. 2002-2004
HIDIROGLU FOODS Construction of new Flour Storage Silo and Milling Plant, Tarsus. 2004
ÇIMSA A.Åž. Concrete Admixtures Plant, Mersin 2003
ÇIMSA A.Åž. Clinker Storage Building Mersin. Construction of cylindrical reinforced concrete storage building (60 meter diameter, 17 meter high) and underground conveyor galleries. Manufacturing and installation of conical steel roof structure and conveyor bridges, supply and installation of corrugated steel sheeting for roof and sides. 2002
SCHELDE & TEMON J.V. Soda Factory - 18.5 MW Power Plant Mersin. Complete civil works; manufacturing and installation of structural steel, stack, gas ducts and pipe bridges; boiler erection including all mechanical works and piping, refractory works. 1999-2000
ÇIMSA A.Åž. White Cement Research Center Mersin. A building for research and development purposes is constructed using special ?white concrete? (white cement and marble aggregate) ? for the first time in Turkey. 1999-2000
SODA SANAYÄ°Ä° A.Åž. Saline Water Pipeline Displacement Mersin. Approximately 1,600 meter long specially coated steel pipe (dia 400 mm, thickness 10 mm) was laid and connected to existing GRP pipe network. Scope included all civil and structural works, pipe manufacturing and laying. 1999
ÇÄ°MSA A.Åž. Hacı Sabancı White Cement Factory, Mersin. Toros constructed the Cement Mill Building, Clinker Storage Building, Compressor Station, MCC Building, Packaging and Palletizing Units and Transformer Building, and related infrastructure works. The plant is the largest white cement production facility in the world. 1998-1999
KROMSAN A.Åž. Waste Containment HDPE Lining Mersin. 50,000 m2 of solid landfill area was lined with 1.5 mm thick High Density Polyethylene, to avoid seepage of toxic wastes to groundwater. HDPE membrane was supplied by Steel Dragon Enterprise, Co., Ltd. (represented by Toros in Turkey). 1998
KROMSAN A.Åž. Research & Development Center Mersin. Low-rise office building including conference hall, laboratories, offices and workshops was built for the Chemicals Division of ÅžiÅŸe Cam Group. 1998
SODA SANAYII A.Åž. Soda Factory - Extension of Dry Section, Mersin. Complete civil, structural and mechanical works for the Calcination and Dense Soda Ash Units, Soda Storage Bunkers. 1997-1998
SODA SANAYII A.Åž. Soda Factory - Extension of Wet Section, Mersin. Complete civil, structural and mechanical works for the Light Soda Ash, Compressor Station, Carbonation, Absorption and Distillation Sections. 1997
ÇUKUROVA SANAYI T. A.Åž. Textile Factory Tarsus. Complete civil works, including cast in situ foundations and administration building, precast concrete superstructure of process buildings, warehouse, manufacturing and installation of structural steel, HVAC system and external piping between buildings. Total covered area was over 40,000 m2 1995-1996
ATAÅž REFINERY Construction Works in ATAÅž Refinery, Mersin. Offshore Fire Fighting Platform consisting of steel pipe piles, concrete platform, equipment foundations and pipe supports was constructed. Oil pipe bundles between Mersin port and the refinery (total length 4 km) were covered by special protective precast concrete culverts. 1994-1995
KROMSAN A.Åž. Various Civil Works Mersin. Demineralized Water Building, Lime Feed System Foundations, BCS-AB Unit Slurry Preparation Section were built by Toros. 1994
AKDENIZ GÜBRE A. Åž. Ammonia Pipeline Culvert, Mersin. The ammonia pipeline between Mersin Port and the Akdeniz Fertilizer Factory was covered by a protective prefabricated culvert. 1993
CHEAD Manufacturing and delivery to Bulgaria of various thickeners for a mine processing facility.  
LAFARGE CEMENT Structural steel manufacturing for Fly Ash Feeding System, Eregli Cement Factory  
NE-SA MINING INC. Design, manufacturing and erection of structural steel building for Chromite Enrichment Plant.  
NORM Earthworks, foundations, precast superstructure and steel works for a marble factory, Huzurkent-Tarsus  
ELMER MÜH. PROJE Ä°NÅžAAT LTD. ÅžTÄ°. Manufacturing and installation of precast concrete superstructure for a galvanizing plant, Ceyhan.