Hydroelectric Power Plants

ClientScope of WorkYear
ALPINE MAYREDER BAU GmbH Ermenek Dam And Hepp. Construction of Power House. Supply and manufacturing of tunnel support profiles (TH 36, NPI 160, IPB 100, etc.) Supply, cut, bend and install reinforcing steel and wire mesh Manufacturing precast concrete components Supply machinery and equipment 2003-2005
ALTEK ALARKO 12 MW Tohma Hydroelectric Power Plant, Malatya. Complete civil works of power plant, loading bay, derivation channel and lodging house; manufacturing and installation of draft tube, structural steel and embedded items. 1997-1998
ALTEK ALARKO 12 MW Berdan Hepp, Tarsus. Complete civil works, structural steel manufacturing and installation and mechanical installation of certain parts were carried out by Toros. 1995-1996
GAMA-TEKFEN-TOKAR J. V. 4 x 360 MW AfÅŸin - Elbistan B Power Plant KahramanmaraÅŸ. Construction of mat foundations and basements of boiler + bunker buildings, foundations of stacks, concrete superstructures of boilers and bunker buildings, mill foundations, electrostatic precipitator foundations. Manufacturing and installation of embedded items, manufacturing of precast concrete drainage manholes. 2000-2002