Thermal Power Plants

ClientScope of WorkYear
GAMA -TEKFEN J. V. 2 x 660 MW Sugözü Power Plant (Ä°SKEN). Construction of foundations for boiler house, stack, electrostatic precipators; foundations of Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) System pump stations, tanks, absorber columns. Construction of the turbine pedestals, feed water pump foundations, various equipment foundations. Installation of GRP cooling water pipe, construction of concrete fixing blocks and overpass bridges, manufacturing of offshore cooling water intake structures (precast concrete boxes, 4 units each weighing 600 tons). Construction of Shelter Building, Personnel Mess Hall and Service Building, other auxiliary facilities. Manufacturing and installation of precast roof girders and plates of ash silo, precast fence posts, precast manholes, curbstones, other ancillary elements. Manufacturing and installation of embedded items for turbine mat foundations and cooling water pumping station, various structural steel parts and built-up girders for boilers, stainless steel and hot dip galvanized elements for marine structures. Unloading and installation of Condensers, including all tests. Installation of Pneumatic Ash Transport System between electrofilters and ash silo. Erection of Process Tanks for the FGD System. Finishing civil works, drainage channels, retaining walls, foundations of lighting poles, site peripheral fence, road pavements and sidewalks. Manpower and supervisor supply for start-up activities, revision and modification works in structural and mechanical systems. 2000 - 2003